Service for chamber filter presses

» Consulting

  • Experienced MSE employes advise you on all aspects of filtration. If you need a higher solids content of the press cake, an improved cake release or shorter press cycles, our experts design the perfect solution for you.

» Major Overhaul / Upgrading

  • of all filter press makes as Ritterhaus & Blecher, Passavant, von Roll, Hoesch, Schenk, Netzsch, to mention but a few.
  • Automatic cloth washing system.
  • Retrofitting of safety guards and safety light barriers.
  • Changeover of conventional filter presses to membrane filter presses. Membrane repress unit using water or compressed air.
Example: major overhaul and optimisation of a mobile filter press

» Test

  • Series of tests can be carried out in the MSE test lab or on-site using one of several MSE mobile test filter presses. Our process engineers are available for on-site test, too.

» Inspection / safety test

  • MSE carries out the periodic inspections including the essential safety test of the high pressure hydraulic and compiles an inspection sheet. Through this optimal daily operations are ensured.

» Spare parts

  • We deliver original spare parts and complete frame parts with the exact original dimensions.

To ensure a fast response we kindly ask you to include the following information in your request:

* nameplate: type
* commission number (if available)
* machine number

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