Filter Press 400-630

chamber filter press with manual hydraulic

  • Filterpresse mit Handhydraulikpress frame in compact steel constriction
    (blasted,  precoated and painted on customer request)
  • single acting hydraulic cylinder with spring return and hand hydraulic pump for closing of the press
  • side bras from round steel covered with plastic-pipes
  • filter plats with different cake thickness
  • standard-industrial filter cloth or on customer request
  • central feed sludge inlet with plastic shaft insert and flange connection
  • open filtrate outlet into sidewise fitted filtrate channel from PP
  • plastic drip tray from PP (manually removeable)


Picture: chamber filter press with manual hydraulic, open filtrate outlet!

chamber filter press - motor hydraulic

  • Palmöl Filtrationsame execution as on top, but:
  • single acting hydraulic cylinder with hydraulic motor-pump for closing the filter press
  • switchboard for control of the filter press and automatic pressure make up inclusive observation function 
  • options:
  • filter cake thickness between 15 and 50mm (standard 25mm)
  • filtrate inlet via corner
  • closed filtrate outlet
  • drip-proofed filter plates
  • intermediate plate for variable chamber volume
  • filtration pressure between 12 and 30 bar
  • residual water throw, core throw
  • several feeding systems inclusive piping

Picture: filter press 500-40/30 for filtration of palm oil with closed filtrate outlet and drip proofed filter plats.