Application – container plants for filter presses

Containerspectacle lens -

On individual adjustment of spectacle lenses to customer requests a huge amount of water with grinding residues accrus. Because of addition to capacity the customer couldn’t find a free place for his wastewater plant.
So the complete plant took place in a container which was installed on a car park next to the production. For wastewater with little solid parts a rotary pump is the optimally solution.




ContainerFiltration of concrete sludge via filter press

The meticulous cleaning after every charge by the manufacturing of concrete plats is very important. Especially when you will implement the customer requests of individual colouring.
For conditioning of the cleaning water, which contains a lot of active concrete, this plant was designed. The concrete sludge will be treated and dewatered free of user. A rotary pump is responsible for best dewatering results. On breakdowns special devices prevent hardening and the curing process at the plant. Automatic cleaning processes warrant constant good results.



Container GrundwasserGround water cleaning with filter presses

To clean the contaminated ground water hundreds of m³ water will be drugged with calcium carbonate. The harmful substances are bound with calcium carbonate after conditioning. At the end of the process the suspension will be dewatered via full automatic diaphragm filter press. The self-sustaining plant is placed outside and works continuously. Only one inspection per week is necessary. Automatic flushing and cleaning procedures warrant constant good results of dewatering.