Application filter press for colour pigments

Filtration of colour pigments via diaphragm filter press

Filtration Farbpigmente mit einer KammerfilterpresseIn manufacturing of colour pigments the operation of filter presses predominantly diaphragm filter presses established.
The suspension with the produced colour pigments will be filtrated via diaphragm filter press.
Afterwards the filter cake will be washed to further reducing of the chloride concentration. Via diaphragm technology the filter cake (colour pigments) will be dewatered best possible.

The material characteristics of the colour pigments often allows the insertion of full automatic filter presses.

MSE technology is also used in manufacturing of printer’s ink for bank notes.
Inside a high security area a full automatic filter press works under laboratory terms.




Printing of bank notes by MSE

Filtration Farbpigmente mit einer FilterpresseIn relative small charges colours for bank notes will be produced which find their worldwide use.