filter cloth acidification

A byproduct of many filtrations are substances  which are strongly sticking to the filter cloth fibre. Especially hard plaster and other calcium carbonate compounds reduce the permeability of the filter cloth. Long filtration times, reduced throughput and declined filtration results are just some aftereffects.

Only using the high-pressure washing equipment for cleaning will not be enough to remove these fouling.

MSE offers different solutions for a fully automated acidification of filter cloth for chamber filter presses.

Static acidification or dynamic acidification for chamber filter press.

Static filter cloth acidification

FiltertuchsäuernIn the classic filter cloth acidification the prepared acid will be pumped from the blending station into the filter press. The acid reacts on the filter cloth for approximately 16 hours. Acid dripping off the chamber filter press is automatically refilled.

Dynamic filter cloth acidification

The acid prepared in the blending station circulates, forced by a pump, through the package plate and the filter cloth of the filter press. After the cleaning cycle the acid is pumped back into the two-chamber container.

This equipment consist basically of the following components:

  • acid blending station
  • two-chamber container with level metering
  • circulation unit


Vorteile der dynamischen Säuerung für Kammerfilterpressen:

  • filter cloth acidificationReduction of the acidification cycle from approximately 16 hours to 2 hours
  • automatic adjustment of the acid concentration is possible
  • leakage detection by the use of level metering (no restricted quantity needed)
  • automatic purging of the filter press after acidification, also with controlling the ph-level
  • a acidification equipment can be used alternating for several filter presses
  • acid can be reused
  • the acid is filtered while circulating. Detached fouling particles stay within the filter press