option filter cake discharge

Austragdischarge system for chamber filter press

The task for chamber filter press discharge systems is as different as the products which are filtered.

The filter cake discharge can contain additional process steps beside the transportation task.

So the filter cake in the transport device will be for example reduced, cooled, weighted, dosed, mixed and a good deal more.

MSE plans for you a filter cake discharge exactly fitted to your needs. Only a filter cake discharge, which is optimally adjusted to the filter press and the transported material, will be efficient and highly available in the long run.

MSE manufactures most part of the discharge systems  in house. Sometimes we are working together with well known german brands of conveying equipment.


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Food-Additive werden hier im Filterkuchenaustrag zunächst gewogen und dann einem Trockner zugeführt. Die Förderschnecken sind mit geregelten Antrieben ausgerüstet, um den Trockner optimal zu beschicken.



Examples for filter cake discharge systems

Filterkuchen Austrag

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In einem Unternehmen der Solarindustrie wird der Filterkuchen über drei Schneckenförderer bis zur Verladestation transportiert. Der Filterkuchen legt dabei eine Strecke von ca. 60m zurück und überwindet eine Höhe von ca. 9m.








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Mobile filter press with a folding auger; equipped with a especial high torque hydraulic drive.









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filter cake discharge: hutches made of stainless steel for long durability.