Filter Press 800 - 2.000

chamber filter press, diaphragm filter press with automatic function.

Filterpresse Filterpresse KFP800
Automatische Kammerfilterpresse Filterpresse KFP800
Automatische Filterpresse
Kammerfilterpresse Filterpresse KFP800
chamber filter press Filterpresse KFP800
chamber filter press
filterpress Filterpresse KFP800
Kammerfilterpresse Filterpresse KFP800
  • press frame of the filter press in compact steel constriction (blasted,  pre-coated and painted)
  • side bars from flat steel with sliding plates of stainless steel
  • double acting hydraulic cylinder
  • hydraulic motor pump for closing the filter press and to control the additional options
  • chamber- diaphragm filter press with cake thickness between 15 and 50 mm (standard 25mm)
  • digital manometer for showing the closing pressure
  • programmable control-plc Siemens
  • filtration pressure between 15 and 50 bar
  • protection via light barrier and grid