Digestate dewatering of a biogas plant

In cooperation with the polymer manufacturer PRO-ENTEC we found a solution with good results to dewater digestates of a biogas plant. The conditioning of the sludge took place with polymers of PRO-ENTEC.

Ergebnis der Filtration einer Biogasanlage, Bioschlamm. The pilot tests with a chamber filter press showed excellent results of solid-liquid separation on bio-sludge:
  • high separation rate of bio-sludge (TS-concentration in filtrate less than 0,1%)
  • nitrogen reduction in filtrate up to ca. 40 %
  • phosphor reduction in filtrate
  • dry content of filter cake up to  ca. 30 %


filtrations ergebnis biogasanlage mit einer filterpresse





Results of solid-liquid separation.



Gärrestentwässerung einer BiogasanlagePicture: Test plant for dewatering of bio-sludge.