Favourable disposal of paint sludge at Daimler factory Wörth.

For the cleaning of bins and plants with different suspensions the liquid phase will be pumped down with a suction truck and for further treatment discharged in other bins. In past the sludge was discharged in suitable collection container with cascade. The liquid phase was pumped down and discharged in the factory owned neutralisation. The Solid phase was time by time removed from the cascade. But the solid phase still linked with 70% water.

In cooperation with a Daimler Team, which was especially arranged for this problem, a new plant was designed which outclass all other plants in value and flow rate considerably.

The essential components of this plant are: receiving station for the suction truck, solid discharge, sludge container with tick matter pump, surge drums, conditioning and chamber filter press.

The receiving station works fully automatic. The suction trucks discharge the suspensions in the collection bans. The solid separator treats the solids and/or foreign particles in a container. The solids will be dewatered mechanically as far as possible. After separation of solids the suspensions will be pumped in surge drums. The surge drums are installed as buffer to keep back the filtration with MSE chamber filter press on smallest level and to adjust a big delivery rate.

Under addition of small amounts of additives the pumpable suspension will be pressed with a MSE chamber filter press. The result is a so called filter cake with rest water rate of < 30%,
which cause in cost reduction and minimized personal costs.