fully automatic, filter press

Fully automatic chamber filter presses made by MSE Filterpressen raise the productivity and reduce personnel costs at the same time.

A fully automatic filter press working in 3 shifts, 24h daily. Thereby the volume of the press could be reduced at 1/3. Also if you regard the higher technical costs of a fully automatic filter press there will be a considerable reduction of your investment costs. The absolute necessary daily inspection of 2 hours is also more favourable.

Further advantages e.g. smaller storage space, continuous access of filter cake etc.

MSE have several systems for fully automatic filter presses. So we have the right solution for every application.
All systems are self-regulating and can be regulated and optimised by user.

Mainly you can differ 3 systems:
  • Filter cake dissolving device with dynamic hanging of filter cloths.
  • Mechanical vibration device with eccentric bar.
  • Mechanical vibration device for separate filter plates.


We will advise you which of these systems would be the right for automatic emptying in your application.