Application- wastewater

Wastewater treatment of a wastewater plant via using a filter press

On many production processes wastewater accrues which cannot dumped directly in the public sewerage system. In this cases the wastewater have to be treated and the accrued sludge have to be dewatered.

The requisition to the wastewater treatment, the sludge dewatering and finally to the filter press increase with complexity of upstream production processes.

If the waste water accrues in continual constitution and quantity it is relative easy to build an effective wastewater treatment.

But if the wastewater always change their total solid (TS), you need a plant which automatic customize to the changes in waste water. Also the filter press in cooperation with the filter cloth have to cover a wide spectrum of sludge properties.

The foundation pillars of purpose are always the observation of the limit values to water discharging and the competitive disposal of filter cake.

To layout the filter press or if necessary a diaphragm filter press you have to respect raise of the wastewater quantity via expandable filter presses. Thereby it is secured, that the filter press will not be the needle eye of the whole production.

But also in continuous production the requirements on the availability of filter presses and diaphragm presses are high. Nobody can afford a breakdown of the wastewater plant for several days. We can assure highest availability for your plant, because of our high quality standards, best skilled service staff and flexibility.